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The elected area of our wines is the hill zone in Southern Piedmont, included between the Po plain, in the North, and the Apennines’ Mountains, in the South, with an altitude area that goes from 150 to 350 meters asl.

The vineyards prefer sunny and warm exposures and calcareous lands almost rich in faint grain sections: loam and clay and carbonate.

The lands and the underground rock that generated them, come from more or less deep sea sediments. The ‘beach line’ is still visible in the areas where the lands from loam and light ones become sandy and darker.

To this calcareous origin, alkaline, almost poor of nutrients, the characteristics of the grounds and so of their wines are linked, rich in fruit notes, that are obtained thanks to this particular “terroir”. The other elements that create it are the weather, the local vine variety, and a thousand-year-old viticulture tradition.

In our territory, life starts in April and flourishes on the first days of June. The red grapes ripen in August: the harvest starts on the first days of September for the premature varieties and it ends on the half of October for the tardive ones, with differences linked to the year evolution.




Reg. Regnassini, 10 - 14058 Monastero Bormida AT Italia
Fabrizio 347.4620038  -  Filippo 347.2959462
e-mail: info@monteleonevini.it
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